Expo - Aegean/2014

Atina Büyükelçiliği 26.05.2014

The «expo - AEGEAN» company is a branch of audiovisual systems' HXO Inc. "based in Mytilene and aims to organize commercial - tourism - manufacturing - cultural exhibitions in the North Aegean islands and Turkey. Last year «Εxpo - AEGEAN» organized the 1st trade - tourism - cultural exhibition at the Mytilene Marine in Lesvos from 14 to 17 June 2013, with the participation of more than 100 companies - agencies/bodies in Greece and Turkey, and more than 22000 visitors came to the exhibiton which ended with great success.

This year the 1st trade - tourism - cultural exhibition “expo- AEGEAN is taking place on June 20 - 23 2014 at the same venue, Marina Mytilene of Lesvos.

The aim of the exhibition is to present and promote businesses, products and services, achieving excellent cooperation between the North Aegean islands, northern Greece and the coast of Turkey, and that the economic crisis will become the springboard for opportunities to boost the Greek market creating the conditions for constructive cooperation with the neighboring Turks.

The purpose of this event is ultimate and unique : Ultimate success. Moreover, it is known to all that we have considerable experience, expertise and infrastructure for organizing major exhibitions, festivals, concerts, etc. At the same time, the highly trained staff we have, as well as our skilled associates, guarantee the successful present and future-COMMERCIAL TOURIST-CULTURAL «expo-AEGEAN» exhibition. So, every cooperation with us, we will be treated as a basis for a strong foundation for the overall success of the exhibition.

All enterprises such as production and manufacturing companies, commercial companies, manufactories, cooperatives, hotels, tour and travel agencies, chambers of commerce, local government from the Aegean islands and mainland Greece from Turkey.

General categories being exhibited:
- Agriculture - Products - Equipment - Livestock
- Industrial products
- Leather clothing & footwear
- Building materials - Insulation material - Ornaments
- Electrical equipment - Lighting
- Audio systems - Musical Instruments
- Furniture - Frames - Kitchen - Sanitary
- Commercial equipment Hotels - Restaurants
- Air Conditioning - Cooling - Heating - Fireplaces
- Alternative energy - Lighting LED - Electronics
- Information systems - Mobiles - Communication Services
- Food - Beverage - Distillery - Packaged products
- Seasonal items - hobbies - camping equipment - fishing - marine service
- Health Services - Insurance - Education
- Travel Agents - Travel Agencies - Hotels

For the ensured success of the exhibition, it will be promoted under the auspices of authorities and institutions.
It will be supported by local sponsors, provincial and Athenian radio-television and appear in Greek and Turkish print. Αn informative guide will be printed to show the participants, and will be released in 20,000 copies and distributed in the exhibition area and in the capitals of the North Aegean counties and those counties participating from the rest of Greece.
Media sponsors have already shown keen interest from the local, the island, the Turkish and the Athenian media.
Our major media sponsor is the ALPHA TV channel which will advertise the exhibiton from May 20th daily with with three spots
All exhibitors will be included in the exhibiton business guide which will be released in 30,000 copies in two languages Greek and Turkish and distributed at the entrance of the exhibition, in transport, in the chambers of the cities of Greece, in capitals of the North Aegean Region and the participating cities in the coast of Turkey. 10,000 posters will be posted.

Finally, a platform will be especially to set up as a venue for concerts, music and dance performances and many other cultural and artistic events.

Stands There will be 95 stands (pagodas) in three types: 5m. x 5m, 5m. x 2,5m and 3m. x 3m will be set in the marina area of Mytilene.
Finally specially designed hall will be available at the venue for business meetings to be held between decision-making participants.

- See more at: http://www.kremlianna.gr/en/exhibitions-delegations/2nd-exhibition-expo-aegean-2014-lesvos#sthash.DegjsYjS.dpuf


Monday - Friday

09:00 - 18:00

1/1/2022 New Year's Day
1/6/2022 Epiphany
3/7/2022 Ash Monday (movable feast)
3/25/2022 National Independence Day
4/22/2022 Good Friday
4/24/2022 Easter Sunday
4/25/2022 Holy Saturday
5/1/2022 Labour Day
6/13/2022 Whit Monday
8/15/2022 The Assumption of Virgin Mary
10/28/2022 National Day WWII
12/25/2022 12/26/2022 Christmas