Büyükelçinin Mesajı

I am very pleased to serve as the 27th Ambassador of the Republic of Turkeyin Athens.

Turkey and Greece are two neighboring countries that have a common history, and more importantly, a common future.Further enhancing the relations on the basis of mutual benefit and cooperation is an objective shared by the two countries. The increasing frequency of the high-level contacts and technical meetings between Turkey and Greece stands testament to the joint political will to improve the relations. It is welcoming that two sides have the determination to focus on the positive agenda items to preserve the momentum in the relations while seeking the settlement of long-standing problems through dialogue and international law.

This general understanding in the political relations already started to bear fruits in other fields. Bilateral trade volume continues to increase steadily since 2016. The range of commercial contacts isalso expanding. We will certainly sustain our concerted efforts to improve the trade figures to the mutual benefit of two countries while promoting the surge in the mutual investments.

It goes without saying that people to people contacts constitute the most visible part ofbilateral relations. Since the peoples of the two countries started to get a better understanding about each other, the flow of tourists between the two countries is following an upward trend. In essence, tourism is a field promising various opportunities of cooperation.Two countries have a lot to gain from the cooperation at the bilateral and global levels. Furthermore, the merits of tourism are not restricted to simple commercial gains. Tourism also serves as a catalyst that cultivates the people to people contacts between the two countries.

I should also mention our kinsmen in Greece and the Orthodox-Christian minority in our country. We would like to see them as an important bridge of friendship for the promotion of Turkish-Greek relations. In this respect, the best way for both Turkey and Greece is to move towards the further improvement of the conditions for their respective minorities.

It is our fundamental wish to expand the horizon of relations between Turkey and Greece in every possible field to the benefit of the two countries. We will continue working to this end.

Sincerely yours,

Burak Özügergin



Monday - Friday

09:00 - 18:00

1/1/2022 New Year's Day
1/6/2022 Epiphany
3/7/2022 Ash Monday (movable feast)
3/25/2022 National Independence Day
4/22/2022 Good Friday
4/24/2022 Easter Sunday
4/25/2022 Holy Saturday
5/1/2022 Labour Day
6/13/2022 Whit Monday
8/15/2022 The Assumption of Virgin Mary
10/28/2022 National Day WWII
12/25/2022 12/26/2022 Christmas